Monday, March 25, 2019

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Analysis In the beginning of this year, I had much of difficulties with this set because I did not think that opus papers in college would be so different from writing papers in high gear school. It was not easy at all because I did not meet many of the procedures of writing papers. I come from Puerto Rico and one of my weaknesses is the lecture barrier. Some ages I did not understand what the teacher wanted and this make it more difficult for me. An different big problem that had was that my grammar was not dependable at all I made mistake e really clock I wrote a paper. My problem in grammar was mainly verbs, commas and organization. I opine very well that many times I confused were with where on my writing. Other times, I did not know where to put commas since the rules from English grammar atomic number 18 different from the Spanish ones. This was a hard start for me because I had to do more than of what I expected to do for a class comprehend as language an d grammar were making problems in my writing. I order for me to take down better I had to ask for help because I could not do this without someones help. I ask the teacher to help me and she was very nice in giving me a hand, solely I knew that I had to do more than that in order to pass the class with a good grade. I also used some help from other people like my friend Patricia who went through the papers with me so that I could notice my errors. Every time I did this, I improved my writing little by little. I got better at it, every time I wrote something, I got better ideas of how to organize my papers in this class and in other classes. With all this work I got very good, but I have to say that it took a lot of time in order to organize end do this kind of work right. In the end, I got to get better on writing my papers because I dedicated more time to this kind of work and because, in time, I got to understand the grammar better.

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