Thursday, March 21, 2019

AOL : An Exceptional Internet Service Provider :: Internet Online Communication Essays

AOL An Exceptional Internet redevelopment ProviderThe net profit is expanding every day to new heights neer reached before. To accommodate this new growth, internet process providers are needed. One of the largest internet service providers today is American Online, otherwise known as AOL. AOL has created a friendly atmosphere where online users can easily navigate their way on the internet. There are many reasons as to why AOL is one of the preeminent internet service providers. By clearly gathering and evaluating these reasons, it is obvious they subscribe to made all the right choices in building a prosperous company. AOL started in the eighties when personal computers were just put on the market. Stephen topic founded the company which was known then as Quantum Computer Services, in 1985. (Shelly, 2001) It was fixed in Dulles, Virginia. Originally the purpose of the company was to sell limited online service to PC users, as opposed to now where there is unlimite d service. slow but surely Quantum started providing more services and eventually changed its name to American Online in 1991. By 1994 AOL had 1,000,000 members and had bought Redgate Communications, NaviSoft, BookLink Technologies, and ANS. (Who We Are, 2001) Similarly in 1996 AOL had set up in France, United Kingdom, and Canada, with plans to be in Japan. Now with more than seven gazillion members, a deal is reached for unlimited use per month for $19.95. For the last four-spot divisions the business has grown into a giant corporation. As of this year AOL has exceeded 31 million members and merged with Time Warner. (WWA, 2001) With this many members, it shows AOL must hasten an outstanding internet service. Since AOL is so commonly used, its web position must be easy, convenient, and informative. The site contains a lot of information including entertainment, health, news, sports, and much more. Chat has become astray popular on the internet, allowing people from a round the world to talk. It has been recorded that 56 million hours are used up a month in AOL chat rooms. (WWA, 2001) In addition to chat, news is taken from the television, radio, and newspapers to be stick on on the web. There is also a section for kids where they can chat, ensure for help on homework, and go to other children websites.

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