Monday, March 18, 2019

Cold Sassy Tree :: essays research papers

Cold Sassy shoetreeCold Sassy Tree reminds me of a soap opera, only this pictorial matter ends. Cold Sassy Tree and soap operas relate to our everyday lives in many ways. Soap operas are very dramatic and full of events, dependable like this impression. A plethora of babble also goes around in this handsome community.In Cold Sassy Tree the setting is your ecumenical soap opera or an everyday Little House on the Prairie, only with more gossip and drama. I believe that the setting affects the witnesser in a way which brought the viewer in closer to the characters, intimately feeling as if you were in the movie. When viewing this movie, I personally matte a sense of closeness. I felt that I knew all the gossip of the town and that the small families let me into their everyday routines only to view from an outside(a) position. The setting also affects the character greatly. Living in a small town makes it very easy to know every ones business. When you know everybody in your town you also seem to hide things or not be around everybody all the time, which is not possible. Briefly, Cold Sassy Tree is to the highest degree a small community, mostly make of women who love to gossip. One teen woman marries secretly and runs off to have fun with her new husband, Mr. Blackeslee. Through-out the movie little scenes happen that do not play a banging role in the overall plot. Near the end, Mr. Blackeslee gets very sick and his youthful wife, make love, tries her hardest to get him well. Mr. Blackseslee dies and it is hard for crawl in to overcome his death. Before he dies Love informs her husband that she is pregnant, which shocks him, for he had always wanted a son.Do not judge a woman by her mistakes. This is only one of the major themes portrayed in this movie. Just as everyone makes mistakes, Love also made a few mistakes, which made all the women think of her as bad. Later, later Loves husband had died, all the women began to be friendly to her, for they judge out she was more than what they thought. Another theme portrayed is, whats trounce is not always what you expect. I believe in this theme, for when Mr. Blackseslee died, the viewer knew it was for the best. However, Love did not think that was how everything was going to be, she thought he would recover and be ok, then later realized this probably was best.

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