Sunday, March 24, 2019

Essay --

1.The development of the astrolabe was an important invention that helped measure altitude. Maps were also really important in determining location. The sailors understanding of wind patterns allowed them to determine send off and the most prompt way to reach their destinations. The improvement of the Spanish and Lusitanian caravel sailing ship allowed them to be quicker on their expeditions. Combined, these technical developments allowed transoceanic trade and travel to be possible. 2.The Ming dynasty, in 1644 was taken over by the Manchu Qing Dynasty. Hongwu was the first emperor of the Ming Dynasty in 1368, when he drove out the mongols he then brought back the sholar-gentry. The Chinese society began to be strict on education. They began giving the youth exam questions which was a reflection of what the Chinese set had become. 3.Columbian ExchangeIntentional effectsUnintentional effectsBrought in domesticated animalsBrought diseasesBrought in cropsContaminated landWeeds Wild animals4. mining in Spain was the foundation of its power in the indies. Latin America was b...

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