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necessitous Essays - Tales of Simple in Langston Hughes Black Voices         Langston Hughes is represented in Black Voices by the Tales of Simple.  Hughes first presents his oddball Jessie B. Semple in the Forward Who is Simple?  In this twaddle the reader is disposed(p) its first look at the character Jessie B. Semple who is a black reality that represents just about the anybody or everybody of black society.  Semple is a man who needs to drink, to num the pain of living life.  Usually over a ice rink of beer, he tells me his tales... with a pain in his soul... sometimes as the darkened blues says... Simple might be laughing to keep from instant ( 98, 99 ).         Jessie B. Semple, also known as Simple, has practiced the right cabal of qualities to be Black Americas new spokesman and unsung hero.  Semple seems to possess just plenty urban humor and cynicism, down- home simplicity, naivete, and boy-next-door innocence that Semple easily becomes a character that hard-working, average, everyday people can relate to.  He quickly becomes this pattern of Black Everyman whose bunions hurt all the time and whose thoughts are relatively preferably simple, yet he is a man who rises above these facts and has a learning that shows the man to have great wisdom and incredible insight.  And although he maintains a seriousness for all his wisdom to come through his presentation of the facts is given in a humorous manner.  In Bop, Thats why so many an(prenominal) white folks do not get their heads beat just for being white.  But me --- a cop is liable to grab me almost anytime and beat my head- just for being colored (105).  This side to Semple is  an example of Hughes flak to give simple facts or actual truth but instead of telling these things harshly and angrily he tries to sweeten them with a miniscule sarcastic humor.      &nbs p  At times, Simple is full of pain. I have had so many hardships in this life, said Simple, that it is a wonder Ill live until I die (105). This comment by Semple is one of many that help lay out him as a simple man who has been both mentally and physically broken-down by society but

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