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Gothic Horror in Susan Hills The Woman in Black and H.G. Wells The Re

chivalric Horror in Susan Hills The Woman in Black and H.G. Wells The ruby-red elbow room As with all things, the gothic mutual exclusiveness genre of literature did notbegin at one definable point, but evolved gradually. Gothic horrorevolved expose of gothic fiction (as opposed to classical fiction, for warning the novels of Jane Austen), before establishing itself as agenre in its own right. However, umteen literary scholars and criticswould point to The Castle of Otranto, written by Horace Walpole andfirst make in 1764, as the first true gothic horror novel,containing as it does many of the clichs prevalent throughout thegenre.Gothic horror novels are typified by their dark, lachrymose atmosphereof dread and fear. In fact, the key to gothic horror can be summed upin one word tension. This is created by many devices, as well ashaving an evil force point working against the hero/heroine. Thecharacters, locations and atmospheres created are designed to bethreatening, even wh en secret code sinister is actually happening.Although the gothic horror genre didnt die out altogether, itcertainly lost popularity. However, it has had a minor resurgence overthe refinement decade. Susan Hill is one of the authors who has turned herhand to the gothic horror format, her perfectly novel The Woman In Black being released in the later(a) eighties. Susan Hill says she wrote TheWoman In Black because she had the urge to write a story in the oldfashioned sense, perhaps because of a dissatisfaction with unexampledhorror writing and its reliance upon gore and physical danger. HGWells, although earlier a science-fiction author, also wrote agothic horror story, The Red Room. I will be comparing these twostories, to see how these ... ...t be too lightly dismissed. These twostories are particularly interesting because they were two written byauthors who arent normally associated with the genre, so they haveexplored the clichs much than a seasoned horror writer might. Butdespite being so blatantly influenced by genre standards such as hydrogen James The Turn Of The Screw and work of M.R. James, they remaingripping. This is because they appeal to our wish for escapism and adecent scare, a need that is pandered to by al near all work offiction. This is the basis of horror writing - that the reader wantsto be panicky if the reader approaches the story with the attitude ofnot wanting or expecting to be scared, he or she will not be affectedby the story so much. However, gothic horror is still one of the mosteffective mediums for provoking fear, ensuring its enduringpopularity.

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