Saturday, March 23, 2019

Linking Media Violence and Negative Behavior Essay -- Argumentative Pe

Many Americans feel that the view of force in the media reinforces negative behavior in club, especi altogethery among children and recent adults. Three thousand studies have been done since 1955 on the link among television and violence 2,980 of them found a correlation between the two. We examine little about that because we get most of our news from television (Peterson). With this oft research one must acknowledge that there is a occupation in America involving sex and violence in the media. We cannot blame both societal problems on the media and its portrayal of these issues, but we can become educated, ourselves, in order to better facilitate the healthy lives of our children. We, as a society, did this to ourselves, verbalize psychologist Dr. David Walsh, executive director of clinics and systems operations for Fairview Behavioral Services in Minneapolis. emphasis grabs the headlines, but violence itself is a result of a society that promotes selfishness, avaritia and instant gratification (Peterson). Violence on public television oftentimes catches us in a serious debate. Concerned parents fear that display inappropriate images presented by the media will corrupt Americas youth. They cringe at the thinker of our nations children growing up to be vicious killers due to the brutal violence often seen on TV. Some blame television for most, if not all, of the ills of society and its children. Truly it accounts for about 10 share of violence, which means that 90 percent is caused by other things, Leonard Eron says. Violence is a multi-determined behavior. Its caused by genetic, biological, physiological, macroeconomic and macrosocial factors, all of which can account for some part of the variance. Understanding... ...http// Media Violence Chronology. Online http// Mortimer, Jeff. The V-Chip and TV Violence. Online http// Murray, J ohn P. Children And Television Violence. Online http// Peterson, Patricia. Are We Selling Out Our Childrens Minds?. Online http// Redfern, Michael G. younker Need Help to Process Messages of Sex and Violence. Online http// Run, Alvin B. Online http// Talbot-Allan, Laura M. Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunication Commission. Online http//

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