Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 1

Assignment - Essay ExampleManagers utilize theory in ensnare to make assumptions which are utilized in their analysis of problems. Theories help people increased their understanding of belles-lettres and real world applications.Education is an organized activity initiated by one or more individuals in order to help a person, group or community acquired a new set of abilities, skills and cognition about a particular subject matter. It is different from learning because learning is the individual act of a particular and the action taken by this person in order to instill a behavioural change that leads to the acquisition of new attitudes, abilities, skills or knowledge among other factors that are learned.The learning concept depicted in the book that has the most meaning to me is that learning is that is it is a process by which an activity originates or it is changed that occurs through encounters with different situations provided that the characteristics of the change can not b e explained by tendencies, maturation or unstable states of the organism. I like this definition because it eliminates or separates the learning process from personal habits.There is direct co in effect(p) of correlation between learning and performance. From my own experience Ive seen how learning things has allowed me to become a more efficient person at the various jobs Ive had, in home shores and in my school work. An example of how learning allowed me to increase my productivity at work was a job a few ago. I worked as clothes gross salesperson in a department store. I got paid extra commission for sales above a minimum mandatory quota. I noticed how I learned to read the customer and what things they wanted to hear. After a couple of months my salary went up because I was making more income from sales commissions. I became a more productive employee. Many work process are learned by the

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