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Board Game Essay Example for Free

room Game EssayIntroduction come on hazards apply for a number of educational purposes, as fuddle been proven to attend to stimulate the minds of children in a fun and in clearative way. Learning things like conservation of energy, mathematical operations croup be difficult for young children, usu onlyy depending on their age and the amount of attention they have received on the object. It has also been long proven that most children have a better m learning skills when they are presented in a fun, interactive format, and giving educational math blueboard naughtys on which to make their stand. Sci genus genus Damaths ( Sci = Science, Dama = Pinoy game tick off board, maths = math) is wizard such board game which avails children to easily begin to professional person the skills of basic math and energy conservation. The game fulfils out across a table, much like Pinoy ordinary game genus Dama . at that place are 24 tabs in each set of the game, which come in editions for each basic math science skill. Some set focus on addition, while otherwises help pretenders learn their addition, subtraction, generation, and division skills.The easy format helps some(prenominal) faker to adapt bustlingly to the game and with a fun, slightly competitive atmosphere the learning aspect of the game may even go whole unseen. Sci Damaths lav help children learn how to complete their math and science skills more quickly. This teaches children to think fast, trying to sanction them to learn how to complete the skills within a short time limit. However, participants must be careful active the game, for if they end up with lay in score in any turn.This game is incredibly popular, as it encourages quick thinking in an easy to learn, fun setting, and galore(postnominal) children have saliently benefited from playing with it. Sci Damaths is a great example of a game that fountains children the chance to learn a number of basic math science sk ills and the order of operations potentially without them even realizing it. Racing across a board made of unlike numbers, the players try to correctly solve variations. However, the game is not as simple as bonny fetching chips by solving variations, for other players have the chance to either steal or swap chips, back up to complete their own and control another.This game raises the level of challenge, making the game excited, tough check for any players participating. With such an exciting environment provided by the game, it is no wonder that Sci-Damaths game help players to learn their techniques so quickly. Teaching math and science to young children has never been easier or more enjoyable. Sci-genus Damaths is a Mathematical board game invented by five time national awardee Jesus L. Huenda. It is coined from the Philippine checker board game Dama. It started in Sorsogon national High School. There were series of National Sci-Damaths competition sponsored by DepEd and oth er private firm.Sci-Damaths is a game designed for elementary pupils and high school students. It is a game of mind, which is goerned by the come acrosss of the players. It characterized a mental competition between both opposing players where the one with an alert mind and saturation to achieve something, wins this battle of minds. It is a board game played by two players, with one player having 12 chips and the other player having 12 chips have individual uniqueness and brush aside touch on unless in a specific way. The decisive objective of the game Sci-Dama is to build up lesser points and for Damath game is to accumulate great points.HOW TO PLAY SCI-DAMATHS? 1. Prepare the following a. Sci- genus Dama board for science and genus Damath board for mathematics b. 24 chips C. Scoresheet SCI- DAMATHS SCORESHEET Player ________________________ Win_______ Lose _______ c. calculator ( optional) d. judge/teacher 2. Set the built in bed of the chips jibe to the level of the ga me. Damath MATHEMATICS Counting Damaths Whole Damaths Fraction Damaths Integer Damaths Rational Damaths Radical Damaths Polynomial Damaths double star program Damathan Sci Dama SCIENCE Water patrol Dama Power patrol sci dama Electro sci dama Dama Sci notation THI Sci Dama Thermo Sci Dama 3. Fill up the score sheet. SCI DAMATHS SCORESHEET 4. Follow the sci- damaths rules.RULES OF THE SCI DAMATHS TO BEGIN THE GAME 1. thresh a chip/coin to decide who move archetypical. 2. The two players alternately take turn in moving a piece. ( result is not allowed) 3. Touch move shall be observed in the game. A player who touches a chip is required to move unless it is illegal to do so. 4. After making a move, a player shall record his move in one score sheet only. 5. Only one score sheet go away be used by the two players in a game. 6. each player is only allowed one minute to move including the recording. However in victorious or capturing the chip or chips one minute rule will not use.7. A warning is given to player by the arbiter if no move is made after one minute, and consequently, he is forced to move a chip. 8. Continuous violation of this rule 7 will disqualify the player even if he is leading in the score sheet at the time of the violation, 4th violation means disqualification. 9. entirely moves should be in the forward direction except taking a chip ( forward or backward) or if a chip is already a dama. 10. A chip is declared a dama if it reaches and stops terminally in any of the following satisfyings of the opposing player (1,0) (3,0) (5,0) ( 7,0)similarly , the opposing players chip is declared a dama if it reaches and stops terminally in any of the following squares (0,7) (2,7) ( 4,7) ( 6,7) 11. one time a chip is declared a dama, it could slide strokingly forward in any va pratt square provided no opposing chip blocks it. It could take a chip or chips and echo the score. 12. Similarly, if any ordinary chip takes a dama or a dama takes another dama t he score in both situations is doubled . ( x two ) x ( four) 13. A player can take one chip or more than one chips with the required option to take the greater number of chips. 14.Between a dama taking a chip and a chip taking another chip, the former is obliged. Between a dama taking a chip and a dama takes two or more chips, the later prevails. 15. Dama chip should be identified by shape the chip in the score sheet. 16. The game ends after 20 minutes. 17. The game also ends if a. the moves are repetitive. b. A player has no more move. c. A player has no more chip. d. A chip is cornered. e. A player resign f. Both players agree to a draw 18. The remain chips or chip of player is added to his total score. 19. If the remaining chip is a dama, the value of the chip is doubled.20. The player with the greater accumulated total wins the games except sci-dama. 21. If both players have the same score or tie is save as ? ? , essentially half a point rather than the full point for a win . 22. The player may or may not use a calculator. 23. Only players are allowed to raise questions during the game by the arbiter and should be solved immediately. 24. Arbiter is always respectable in his decisions. SPECIAL MOVES AND SCORES DAMA chip can move or takes a piece to any unoccupied square on the diagonal path. DAMA takes Ordinary, times 2. Ordinary takes Dama , times 2. Dama takes Dama, times 4.Dama remaining chip, times 2. Mayor tatlo or dalawa, mayor tatlo, prevail. Mayor tatlo, dalawa over dama prevail. Illegal or paradoxical move-entries must be corrected. The taker chip is always the addend ( addition ), minuend ( subtraction ) multiplicand (multiplication), dividend ( division) and augend ( binary ). DRAWS Between evenly matched opponents, damath games will sometime end in draws. So whats a draw? Thats when nobody wins. In tournaments, draws are recorded as ? ? , essentially half a point rather than the full point for a win. There are two kinds of draws to disc uss briefly. 1. Draws by agreement.This kind of draw is the most common. At any time in the game, you can sally a draw to your opponent. Be mindful of good etiquette, however. Dont extend a draw on every move And be sure to offer the draw correctly. Make your move, offer the draw (I offer a draw is fine) and only then inform your arbiter (assuming that you have arbiter. An offer of a draw without making a move is NOT a legal offer and can be ignored by arbiter. 2. Threefold repetition regardless of score You or your opponent can claim a draw if the same position occurs fourth times in the same game, all with the same player to move.Such repetitions can easily occur in endgames when one player is use DAMA chips. To claim such a draw, you need to have an accurate scoresheet and demonstrate to the tournament arbiter that the claim is valid. To claimed such a draw both players must be correct, agreed to the draw FOR TEACHERS humanitarian and subtraction of binary numbers When adding binary number A B . A is called the augend and B is called the addend. When subtracting binary number A, I, e. A B = C, A is called the minuend, B is called the subtrahend and C is called the difference. When multiplying A by B to give C, i. e.A x B = C, A is called the multiplicand, B the multiplier and C the product. When dividing number a is called the dividend, B the divisor and C the qoutient. What is Sci- Damaths? SciDamaths ( Sci = Science, Dama = Pinoy game checker board, maths = mathematics) is a line of attact and sound addition, subtraction, multiplication and division game between two players that is enjoyed by pupils and students, from classroom to home. Though the game of sci-damaths has taken many variations over its long time, todays form entered the digital age, as games and tournaments are played online and via email.Using a Pinoy checker board composed of grids and diagonal lines , the game against anothers involves the use of strategic moves and techniques usin g the chips. Using the chips, players execute tactical maneuver to remove the challengers chips thru mathematical operations. Its significance to dramatize the importance of Science and Mathematics using the typical game of Pinoy called DAMA. It is played by two players who move by turns diagonally. How to play Sci-Damaths? Basically the rules in playing the Filipino checker board game DAMA will be used.CONSTRUCTION OF STANDARD SCI DAMATHS BOARD AND CHIPS The Board the Sci-damaths board measures 32 cm x 32 cm with 8 x8 squares. It contains 24 chips in two colors ( 12 chips of each color). Each chip measure 2 cm in diameter. notation Sci- Damath notation has its own system. Each row of squares across the board is numbered as 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7 staring from left-hand(a) and right side of the board. Each column of squares running up the board is also numbered as 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7 starting from left to right side of the board. Polynomial damath has its own notation ( 0,0), ( 0,0 ) ( 7,7) , ( 7,7) for corners of the sci-damath board. POWERS OF THE CHIPS The first example illustrates how the chip moves.It can move to any square marked with an X The chips can move to any vacant square. The chip can capture the opposing chip. The chip can move or capture in a diagonal way unless it is obstructed by a chip. The chip moves to square by going one square diagonally but not in a horizontal or vertical or form the square it occupies. The chip can jump over other chips in the course Of its move ( Pass is not allowed. ) The chip can capture diagonally forward or backward to the left or to the right. How to use the board? Set the starting position of the chips. Note that the chips must be arranged.According to position and the level of game. A move is the transfer of a chip diagonally From one square to another. A capture is the Removal of an opposing chip for the board Mathematical operation will be used depending On the vacant squares operation symbol where The taker chips lan d b jumping over the taken chip it is accomplished by actually removing the taken chip. ( You cannot capture your own chip). Sci-Damath Operation apply ) will be used.? Mathematical operations ( + , -, x , Elementary Sci dama and counting damaths, plus and minus only. Secondary Sci Dama . THI only ( plus and minus).WRITING MOVES Suppose in the diagram below the unclouded chips at ( 5,2) moves ( 6,3 ). This would be OPENING IS BEST There is no adjudicate to that question, its all a thing of style and personal fancy, its just the same with choice of defense, whatever actual interruptions you choose you must have a deep understanding of the ideas behind the opening play.Learning opening principle is easy it is rightfully just a matter of knowing what not to do. Learning in a series of opening moves wont make you better damath player. There is no point in studying the opening if you gullt understand the middle game and if you dont understand he end game. WHAT MAKES A DAMATH PLA YER? 1. The ability to calculate accurately and quickly will be useful. 2. A good memory board will also be used. 3. The ability to think logically must help. 4. The ability to concentrate. HOW TO HANDLE meter TROUBLE? 1. Concentrate on the position alone. 2. Time spent writing cant be spent thinking.3. Dont keep looking at the clock. 4. Dont panic. YOU CANT SAY ANYTHING MAKES A GOOD PLAYER EXCEPT HARD WORK. FINDING THE RIGHT MOVE The answer is to select one of the moves straight away, toss a coin if necessary Check that it is good ,and play it. TAKING YOUR OPPONENTS SERIOUSLY Remember , you may not think your opponent is good enough to blast you, but you can always play badly enough to lose him AVOIDING BLUNDERS To avoid making mistakes you should first understand why you make them. Blunders on the damath board are usually the result of carelessness or muddled thinking.You make mistake when you are tired or bored or when you have just win through the excitement of a complicate d series of moves. Never relax and always ride out calm. GAINING EXPERIENCE At every sci-damath club and contest there will be players keen to help and encourage you so long as you play and behave sensibly. Join a club, play in every contest you can, and dont worry about losing by playing you gain experience. With experience you gain knowledge and become a better players good enough perhaps to become tomorrows champion

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