Monday, April 29, 2019

Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 93

Essay ExampleKnowing that everything happens for a reason, not necessarily something we would know at present or even in a lifetime, alone just going back to who God is, would give us enough hope & strength to put on a significant step of faith each day and eventually allow us to require significance in other peoples lives (Rick Warren A life of purpose, n.d.).Another excite telecasting on chairmanership would be Stanley McChrystals Listen, learn, then lead video. As a force man, he has learned what it is like to go through loss, disappointment, & fear. Just like the reality of life, we may neer be far from challenges that create a noise that will make us give up or resent life. However, tho in listening in times of doubt will modify one to learn the lessons that are only brought about by pain, and only in experiencing not only joy but also pain will enable one to sympathize and comfort others and lead them to an understanding of the possibility of failure and develop the r ight attitude to stand up once again. Also, this video reminds me of the saying, experience is the best teacher, where though most of the time we deem painful experiences unnecessary, those are the most stiff teachers of wisdom we can apply in every season of our lives & eventually lead others to do the comparable (Stanley McChrystal Listen, learn ... then lead,

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