Monday, April 22, 2019

How to be a good parent Annotated Bibliography Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

How to be a good p arent - Annotated Bibliography ExampleMake a schedule of their children, so that they can pass responsible and confident in their future. For example, you have to make a habit of your children to do breakfast, lunch and dinner on time and complete homework in time. Play time should also be managed by the parents.In this book, writer tells the readers the ten basic principles to be a good parent. For example, writer tells parents should not be too strict and lenient. Parents should behave well in front of children because children learn behaviors from parents. Parents should be involved in their children lives so that they can judge what changes are occurring in their lives such as involvement in their likable sports, schools and friends etc. Parents should make rules and tell the boundaries of limits to their children so they can become responsible and stable minded psyche in the future. Give them independence and respect to their decisions, so that they can be come respected and confident person in the life.In this book, writer focused the infantile parents rather than the experienced parents. He focused the young parents, because they are inexperienced and they do not know the behaviors of children properly. It is taught that in certain age such as in between 2 to 16 years, childrens behaviors are same. Then young parents should have association to tackle with their behaviors. Young parents are inexperienced and they cannot understand the changing which is taking place in their children and what are the reasons behind this. Then this book has provided the information to tackle with these changing of behaviors of children effectively.Kerr, M., & Stattin, H. (2000). What parents know how they know it, and several forms of puerile adjustment further support for a reinterpretation of monitoring. Developmental psychology, 36(3), 366.In this book, writer told that observation is the most classic thing for the childrens development

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