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Places like Bosnia Essay Example for Free

Places exchangeable Bosnia endeavorThe language utilise in both the public lifes argon mostly narrative and the writers have elaborate the al champion characterizations by comparing the devil cities with many different things like human features, countryside, go ins like Bosnia. But in between the origin passage there atomic number 18 some direct speeches like, it wassumpin in (line17-18) said by the cashier at white plains. There is a ironical language calld in the first passage (line27) which opines how not to kill their kids actually gist how to bare or tolerate with their kids while they are stuck in the house and have to spent their whole daytime with them. The writers have use a slew of stylistic twistings in the passages, one of them is simile which is used in both of the passages, like in passage one (line 22) which says This isnt Bosnia but it sure looks like it meaning that though New York is not Bosnia, the very common cold weather and the heavy shock fall in New York does makes it look like Bosnia. On the other hand, simile used in the second passage is It was mounded like white eyebrows above the windowpanes of the houses(line 2-3) reflecting a very lovely image of the environment by comparing the thick snow above the window with the white eyebrows of human.Regarding metaphor, it is used only once in the first passage, that is sanitary commissioner John Doherty, whomthe wayto fight war(line 24-26) which is the comparison between the Sanitary commissioner who removes the snows and the military general who knows how to fight the war. In this passage snowfall is compared with the war because it stopped everything in the metropolis like airports, people and other working institutions and the sanitary commissioner with the military general. Whereas, there are two metaphors in the second passage. The first one is, and it had blown against the brick walls and stuck, making beards hang from the sills.(line 3-5).This metaphor compares the snow hanging from the sills of the houses with the beard, which likewise hangs from the chin of men and the other one is it was as if, in the night, the urban center had been removed and in its place an empty countryside of simple hills had appeared. (line 13-15) meaning that the metropolis looks like a countryside because the snow had stopped every mavin voice and the countrysides are usually very calm and quiet place compare to the cities.The first passage starts with one of the literacy plait called personification of word sleep on a non-living things like cities, which is One second The City That never sleeps(line 1) through this line, the writer wants to tell us that the city of New York is one of the ecumenic cities in the world. While continuing the line, I come across one more stylistic device used in (line 1-2) again which says That Never sleeps was struggling to wake up from its ongoing New historic period hangover, this line shows the paradox of words never sle ep and trying to wake up in the passage, meaning that the people are very tired and are struggling to wake up the next day after doing a lot of things like party on the new year eve.Whereas there is no paradox and personification used in the second passage, but there is another stylistic device called anamatopia used in (line 29) and that is The snows stopped the yip-yap, in which yip yap showing the functions of people, birds and all other things like automobiles.Mr. Theroux too make used of alliteration like feathery from the flakes(line 25) which reflects the meaning that the snowfall had made the window panes look very soft. The writer also make use of assonance in the second passage, one of which is fence was encased (line 6), meaning that the snow is so thick that the fence is all covered with the snow and it looks like as if there is no fence. The other one is city was simplified meaning that the city now looks very simple like the countryside.There is one more stylistic de vice use by the writer in the second passage that is consonant, (line 21) which says, snow had shut out every sound making the sound S which usually reflects the sound shh And which is usually use by the people to say Be quiet. Imagery is also use by the writer as one of the devices, (line 11-15)The Chelsea floursimple hills had appeared. Leading us to imagine the mill is all covered with the snow and it looks like a mountain now, likewise, the city also looks like a countryside having hills all around. Whereas in the first passage, Mr. Jones make use of repetition, as the word snow-hack is used again and again in lines (16,21 and 29)While analysing and comparing these two passages which are almost the snowfall, but are written in such different ways that, in the first passage, New York city is expound very disturbed and busy. Whereas the writer of the second passage has described London as a city which is very calm and still. The first passage seems very boring because Mr. Jones is repeatedly talking about the medias reaction towards this blizzard of 96. Whereas the second passage is quite interesting compare to the first one. On the whole the two passages are quite different from each other even though both of them are something about snowfall.

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