Monday, April 22, 2019

Women's Labor Project Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Womens Labor Project - Coursework ExampleI have secured a new job in an apparel factory, many of the women that I work with are also from Italy so we get the opportunity to swap stories in our mother language. It is difficult to communicate with some of the other women because they a good deal speak different languages and it is sometimes difficult to communicate in English. Nevertheless I have befit good friends with a German lady who speaks English quite well, and even some Italian. It was not evermore easy for Aronne and I in our new life. Upon our arrival we had to live in a settlement base in the city and it was difficult for us to find good jobs. There was a lot of crime, in this new apartment complex but we life next to some good Italian plenty and we look out for each other. In the market it is easy to find some of the foods that we are habituated to but there are a lot of people from very exotic places and it is always excite to explore new areas. Recently some of the people at work asked me to join a union. I am reluctant to come on board simply because the management is so strongly anti-union that I would fear for my job security and possibly even for my health and safety.

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