Sunday, May 12, 2019

A study of the elderly victim of sexual abuse Essay

A study of the elderly victim of sexual abuse - Essay Example, it is observable that elderly sexual abuse and mistreatment cases are of paramount importance for the society and research from a effect of large and small organizations must be incorporated in one research paper to mightily analyze the situation. The purpose of this paper is to analyze and evaluate the afoot(predicate) trends of elderly sexual abuse and its do on the US population.The study of elderly sexual abuse and its effects produced an urge to conduct a research on the causes, effects and situational analysis of such incidences. The aims of this paper are hence to cover a number of topics think to it. The research questions that are answered in this paper are as follows Are the current trends of elderly sexual abuse in the US getting better? What are the effects of such cases on physical, mental and social wellbeing of the US population? What is the Government doing to reduce such cases and for the social welfare of victimized elderly population?The goal of this paper is to incorporate as many researches as thinkable to support the claim that elderly sexual abuse is harming the society terribly. This paper has an objective to expose the statistics related to elderly sexual abuse cases and the effects of it on people. The harms of such incidences remain for longer periods and damage the social, psychological and physical health of victims. The study is basically prepared to analyze the situation from the victims perspective.The research area in question covers a wide range of topics that may be looked into. Hence it was difficult to carefully select from that list of topics. Once selected, in order to answer the research questions, it was difficult to find ample statistics. most of the sexual assault cases are not reported by the elderly victims due to fear, harassment, hesitation and humiliation. It was not possible to conduct a survey for individual study on the victims. The victi ms are not ordinarily responsive and open to the questions that are being

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