Monday, May 6, 2019

Gangs and gang behavior - week 8 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Gangs and multitude behavior - week 8 - Essay ExampleThe Mexikanemi gang is highly organized, as evidence suggests that its members work under a paramilitary structure (Shelden, Tracy & Brown, 2013). The gangs structure comprises of three components. They include the connections they ca-ca with other non-members, prospects and its members. It has lieutenants, soldiers and sergeants. The gang members are mostly involved in serious criminal offenses such as murder, dose trafficking and robbery among other crimes (Walker, 2014).Currently, the gang is still active in prisons and on the streets. For example, in the drop dead 4 years, the gang members had murder and racketeering charges where the members also executed people. Unlike other gangs in prisons or on American streets, the gang does not have gang allies. It is only in alliance with drug cartels in San Antonia and Laredo. The gang conflicts with other gangs such as the Texas Syndicate and New Mexican Mafia. It requires all of its members to tarry loyal and a potential member has to kill someone to become a gang member. Those who pauperism to get out can only do so if they die, hence the term countercurrent in, blood out among its members (Shelden, Tracy & Brown, 2013). The use of drugs and homosexuality are all

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