Friday, May 3, 2019

Islam in Central Asia Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Islam in underlying Asia - Essay ExampleIslam in Central AsiaMansur al-Hallaj was different from other Suffis who followed traditional perceptions that further had its impressions in the literature. For instance, Suffis in the era believed that sharing mysticism with the masses was inappropriate. However, Al-Hallaj followed a rebellious path that further had its impression on the Qrighiz legend of origin. Illustration of such a fact can be obtained from his writing in Kitab-Al-Tawasin, punctuate dialogues of Satan and God (Lenz-Raymann, 2014).Contextually, the method used by Al-Hallaj in his writing was known as the prevalent mystical introspection, which later gave birth to a new dimension of Sufi culture in Qrighiz. He was also rebellious for his belief that practices in contradiction to the traditional religious principles indicate the man-to-mans thirst for greater truth rather than his challenging or opposing attitude to the beliefs. In his writings, rather than expanding on the traditional religious beliefs, Al-Hallaj emphasized humanity. Mansur al-Hallaj believed in the unity of man with the Divine. He traveled to various places to preach his writings, which majorly included Tostar, Baghdad, Mecca and Turkestan among others that further gave rise to the Qrighiz legend of origin. As argued by Shepard (2009), the writings of Mansur-al-Hallaj were grievous for Sufi culture, as it defined a new dimension of Islam. His life was measured widely by the French Scholars of Islam.

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