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Kurt Cobain Essay -- essays research papers

Kurt CobainKurt Donald Cobain was born on February 20,1967 in the town of Aberdeen,Washington. Aberdeen is on the west coast and is about 108 miles southwest ofSeattle. Aberdeen is a dreary place with about seven feet of rain a year. Kurtwas born to Mrs. Wendy Cobain and to Mr. Donald Cobain. Wendy was a homemaker.She had a very tight bond with Kurt. He was her first born. She had some otherchild three eld after she had Kurt. Her name was Kim. Donald was a mechanic.He was very into sports. He often tried to push Kurt into sports but Kurt justdidnt standardised them. Even though the Cobains didnt have much they seemed to doall right. Wendy dressed her children in the best clothes she could afford.They always looked like the best dressed kids in Aberdeen.Kurt was an extremely happy child. He would wake up everyday so happy. He wasalways filled with joy and always had a smile on his face. Kurt once said hisupbringing could be decribed as "white trash posing as middle class". Hismother told him to stay away from the scant(p) kids. She said they were dirty. SoKurt did and he as well would beat the up. Then in 4th grade he realized he likedthem better. Around that eon people started to notice that Kurt was very goodin art. Most of Kurts friends didnt really like things like art and music.He venerated these things so much he stopped making friends because he was different.Kurt was not such a health kid. His whole life he suffered chronic bronchitis.At age of seven he was diagnosed hyperactive. He was put on Ritalin. Thisseemed to make him stay up until four in the morning. They soon put him onsedatives. This did not work either. They made him retort asleep in school.Doctors told Wendy to try subtracting sugar and Red Dye 2 from his food. Thiswas the right prescription for Kurt. Sometime during the 8th grade Kurt wasdiagnosed with scloiosis. In his later years the weight of his guitar made itworse. Suicide also ran in his family. In 1979 a great uncle committed suicideand in 1984 an uncle also committed suicide.Kurt was in love with music since the age of two. He was brought up in amusical family. One of Wendys uncle had some records out in the 40s and 50s.Her brother was in a persuade and Roll Band. Her sister was in a country band andplayed the guitar. Almost everyone had some sort of musical talent.Kurt had always wanted to be a ... ... Kurt wakes twenty hours later and denies it was an attempt. At thistime Nirvana decides to cancel the rest of the tour and take a rest. Throughall of the tours their are rumors that tensions are mellow between the groupmembers. The press says there is constant fighting. There is even a rumor thatthe group is going to break up. To add to the cancellation of their tour theyalso cancel all their involvement in Lollapalooza.Then on March 18,1994 a startling thing happens. Kurt locks himself in a roomof his house. He get out not come out and he has a 38 caliber revolver with him.He threaten to k ill himself. Courtney Love once again calls the constabulary. Thepolice come and take control of the situation. They take the gun away.Some time around March 30,1994 Courtney calls for an intervention to get Kurtoff of drugs. She realizes he really does fill help. On March 31,1994 Kurtchecks in to the Exodus Recovery Center. It seems as though Kurt wants help.This doesnt last long. The day after he checks in he jumps a smother and it isthe last anyone sees of him. He is missingOn April 8th an electrician finds Kurt dead in home, from an apparent self--inflicted gun shot wound to the head.

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